Back Forty’s Tip-to-Tip Full Season Blend is formulated to attract whitetails from mid-September all the way through the late-December and beyond.  This mix of annuals includes field peas, cow peas, forage soybeans, winter wheat, crimson clover, and Buck Forage Oats.  In addition to these species, Tip-to-Tip Full Season also contains a small quantity of the brassica species from our Bladed Tine Brassica Blend - dwarf essex rapeseed, hobson rapeseed, purple top turnip, rangi rapeseed, Samson turnip, keeper kale, and buckwheat.  This revolutionary seed mix offers fast initial forage growth from the peas and soybeans - followed by more visible establishment of the oats, wheat, and clover – and finally the canopy of brassicas adds the extended late-season attraction.  Three windows of attraction offered by the same food plot!

Tip-to-Tip Full Season Blend should be seeded at a rate of 25# per acre.

Available only in 25# bags.

Tip to Tip Full Season Mix

  • Ideal pH is between 6.5 and 7.0, and the seed mix will perform best in areas that receive more than 4 hours of direct sunlight per day.  As a general rule, fertilize with 9-23-30 at a rate of 250# per acre.  Optimal planting date is between August 15 and September 1.  Recommended site prep would include two applications of glyphosate herbicide (Round-Up) on or near May 25 and then again on or near July 1.