Water, food and cover are crucial for animals to survive. With surrounding food and bedding your H2O Whole will create the ideal location for viewing deer and a wide variety of wildlife. Bucks, does and fawns will pattern around the H2O Whole, creating an added level of excitement and anticipation for your hunt. With a ramp and steps, the H2O Whole provides easy access for all types of animals and birds of any size regardless of the water level. This means that smaller critters that get stuck will have a better chance of escaping and dying, which taints your water supply.
Constructed with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and 10 year UV protection, the H2O Whole can withstand punishment from harsh winters, hot summers, and animals of any size stepping in it. It is lightweight yet large enough to hold 150 gallons of water.
Using the H2O Whole will allow you control and change the path of wildlife by bringing them directly to your water source. Rutting bucks need to drink water in order to stay healthy. Placing a H2O Whole near their bedding and feeding areas will dramatically improve your chances or harvesting a mature trophy buck.
The H2O Whole comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.