Back Forty’s Bladed Tine Brassica Blend is formulated for mid to late-season fall attraction.  This mix of highly-palatable brassica species produces big-leafed forage that are high in protein and starch.  After a killing frost, the starches begin to change to sugar, sweetening the forage until it becomes irresistible to whitetails!  This annual mix will produce leafy forage above ground and giant bulbs at ground level.

Bladed Tine Brassica Blend is an annual mix of dwarf essex rapeseed, hobson rapeseed, purple top turnip, rangi rapeseed, Samson turnip, keeper kale, and buckwheat.

Bladed Tine Brassica Blend should be seeded at a rate of 10lb per acre.  

Available in 5lb containers, 10lb containers and 25lb bags.

Bladed Tine Brassica Blend with Carrots

  • Ideal pH is between 6.5 and 7.0, and the seed mix will perform best in areas that receive more than 5 hours of direct sunlight per day.  As a general rule, fertilize with 9-23-30 at a rate of 250lbs per acre.  Optimal planting date is between July 20 and August 10.  Recommended site prep would include two applications of glyphosate herbicide (Round-Up) on or near May 25 and then again on or near July 1.